So I kicked off my trip to the states by getting on the 5:30am flight from Perth to Sydney, Sydney to Dallas and then Dallas to Denver. It was actually quite nice on the long haul leg with Qantas cause I managed to score an exit row with no one left of me. I watched a few movies but they didn’t really appeal…

I have this thing with Chinese movies where I go through phases where I’m really into them. There was one on the plane called Wong Ka Yan which was actually pretty cool… It was about a free spirited guy who lived in a small island of Hong Kong and his mate gave him some tickets to the cinema. He got the ferry to the mainland, got to the ticket booth and instantly got interested in the girl who was selling tickets. After the movie he was stuck inside and she was outside the cinema closing up… He banged on the door to get out and she was there however only the manager had keys but she stayed with him on the other side and listened to him play his guitar. He finally got out, walked her to the bus stop and during that, developed a mega crush… He tried to get back in contact but couldn’t find her anymore as she left her job…so he went on a mega hunt for her… He called up the radio station and even started calling everyone named Wong Ka Yan in the phone book. Along the way he met many people both male and female and even a girl who likes him who decides to help him look for his girl in a attempt to spend time with him, however he is totally oblivious. There’s a few twists and turns but he never ends up finding her but was an interesting movie.


The flight was really enjoyable with heaps of food and so much variety!


As nice as the seat was and ample the legroom was, I struggled to sleep. Upon arrival I was reminded of the States… The food, the people and the service. There was a cosmetics vending machine at the gate of my next flight! Must be important for them.

I even saw some dude holding a mug of soft drink which was clearly larger than 1 litre!

I got on my final leg to Denver and nearly 30hrs later I met my friend Em and he friend Cilvie. It was such perfect timing… I got my baggage, walked downstairs to the passenger pick up area and 5 min later they rocked up! Out of pure luck they thought it might be worthwhile to check out if I was there waiting. We started the trip towards Indian Creek.

America highways have a lot of shops and “services” on the side at regular turn off’s. We pulled out onto one and made a quick salad for dinner. We ate in the car whilst driving to make the most of time… I was so knackered and nodded off several times… The view was amazing though… There was slow outside! I don’t know how many years since I’ve seen and felt snow!

We eventually pulled into a turn off with a motel near Vail… Econolodge it was called. It was really nice and much better than expected! It was like $75USD for the 3 of us with breakfast! The room had 2 queen sized beds and an ensuite. I slept till 8am and went down for breakfast.




They had such a selection for breakfast including bagels, doughnuts and even diy waffles! The weather wasn’t looking good and was spitting all day. Em remembered seeing a picture of a roof crack in Moab somewhere and messaged her friend to ask of its location. 5sec later a link to its mountain project page popped back. It was located north of Moab.. She showed me a photo of the place and I was like WOW! Side adventure!


The place was called The Crackhouse. It was amazing!! Epic roof cracks! 3 lines that were 2m high and had vertical top outs. The first and easiest being Birth Canal 5.11+ which starts at a wide section with deep hand jams before cruxing out and turning the lip!


There’s a line deep in the cave on the other entrance which called Crack Whore 5.12 which was hands to fist to bouldery top… And then the epic link up which is the start of Birth Canal to Crack Whore called The Crackhouse! Check out the video of Steph Davis doing it on Vimeo! So rad! The area I believe was FA’ed by the great Dean Potter, there was even a rock plaque at the bottom with “Remembering Dean Potter” etched on it.


After a few burns on Birth Canal, I roped up and trip the top section of Crack Whore… Sooo hard!

We called it a day and made our way to the Creek… Back to Creek Pasture camp ground and even managed to score the exact same campsite as last time! We started making dinner and we’re greeted by a wonderful sunset! So stunning the cliffs in the background glowing red! What a view to come home to =)



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