“I quit my job and sold my flat”


Climbing is such an amazing lifestyle where you hear so many vivid and inspiring stories from a diversity of people. I’ll come back to it but first I’ll tell you about our day =)

We woke up and Em was still in bed which was not normal… We had breakfast and out of the blue Em said she wanted to have a day to herself and wasn’t feeling well… Told us to go climb without her. It was weird but we did so anyway. We decided to go to Supercrack. The weather was looking good and Cylvie was psyched to do her first lead at Indian Creek! She’s normally a professional seconder and she’s proud of it but it felt right and she was keen.


Here’s a bum shot of her hitting up the Twin Cracks 5.9! so proud of her !


We then jumped on the Incredible Handcrack. I did this during my last trip but it was amazing so I had to do it again!


I don’t have photos but as we prepared for our next climb out started raining…. Like bucketing and then hailing! We hid under a little rooflet. I put my raincoat to cover the front of me and nek minit Cylvie is laughing about a drainpipe of water pouring down on my head. I tried to keep still but once I felt water running down the back of pants… That was it… Had to get up and abort my post. It was epic!

We came home and Em said she went to Monticello and even made a cake! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting to know some of our new friends.


Here’s a shot of the all so creative Narinda showing Em her pottery that she’s been making. Super amazing! One day Em came back to the camp-site with a few books and I asked her what they were, she said she got them at the message board. A girl named Narinda put a few copies of her poetry and left it with a note looking for partners. I started reading one of the poems from the booklet aloud and it was beautiful, I felt a connection immediately. I was as if someone had written it thoughts down from my mind on a beautiful and concise way.


We also meet another lady who shares the same camp site as Narinda, Anh. She’s from Copenhagen and worked in the corporate sector as a manager of some sort. Despite really enjoying her job, something was missing and decided to leave her job and apartment and start a new life on the road! We met a another couple from Switzerland also doing the same although they’ve already been on the road for over 12 months. Definitely makes me wonder if it’s time for me to do the same.


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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