Types of Fun

What is fun? The first image that comes into my head when I think of the word fun is kids laughing and running around the park with their friends.

I remember as a kid I was really lucky to have the opportunity to be a kid and have fun. I had dad who’d kick the ball with me when he came home from a long day at work and spend a whole day there on weekends. Even though the park was next door… Somehow I never got sick of it as long as dad was there.

I always had mum who I’d go for walks with to the shopping center, to the library or to food. I’d go on those mechanical rides located in shopping malls that used to cost 20cents a pop. The library had a huge toy section where I’d enjoy playing with the different toys there and get to take my favourite one home for the week. I remember we used to eat ice cream too… Ice cream was my favourite and still is. I had fun =)

Now that I’m older, life is the same but different. I still love my family to bits and still love going on adventures with dad… He was actually the one who started it all for me, he planted the seed and quietly fuelled the fire even though he is yet to know it. I love making my mum smile… To me the most beautiful and selfless woman in the world who deserves every moment of my time. She’s always supported everything I do and continues to do so during our adventures, always keen to come along for the ride and like me… Also enjoys ice cream. Let’s not forget my sister who keeps me inspired and reminds me of how important it is to do the right thing, set the right example, give the right guidance and walk in the right direction. She keeps me grounded and reminds me of how you can’t take family for granted, to keep putting in effort.

Fun now seems to come in different forms.

– There’s always the silly inappropriateness once in a while where with the right people, you can have fun with.

– There’s the immediate fun or happiness that I feel when I see a super modern and futuristic building in front of my eyes and I’m overwhelmed by its awesomeness and just can’t wait to take photos of it.

– I have fun learning new things but the skills/things that I tend to remember best are the ones I think about over and over right before I fall asleep – Climbing. Again it’s overwhelming but I love it.

– There’s also grown up fun like work where I get a great sense of satisfaction when I’m competent and can be useful and help others. I guess with work, for me it’s a goal that’s unattainable but that’s what keeps it interesting, having a really big goal keeps me forever chasing. Work for now, based on Kevin Jorgeson’s fun classification is type 2 fun where there’s not immediate enjoyment however after a bit of effort, the fun kicks in when I successfully figure out what’s going on, fix the issue and as I like to call it… “save the world”… Which is really confined to the facility I support but I guess that’s the closest I’m ever going to get from actually saving the world so that’s pretty cool to me =P

As I get older, I do feel that fun from a kids perspective decreases. Maybe it’s to do with external pressure? Responsibilities? Social expectations of how I should act? Or maybe all this is something I’ve made up in my head and is self imposed? There’s definitely people I know who are still having fun and being silly whilst being mature and responsible when appropriate. I suppose that’s the direction I aspire towards because although my body has started falling apart, I’m still a kid at heart. I suppose it’s a fine line isn’t it? You want to be respectable and exhibit maturity but still let go and be yourself, whomever that may be.


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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