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”I’m sorry about your door”

9/11/11 I got the bus back to Guangzhou the day after William left and returned to my auntie’s house. I even changed my flights so I can leave one day earlier because there’s really nothing to do in Guangzhou. So … Continue reading

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”quickly give me all your dirty clothes to wash”

1/11/11 I hate when I am woken up after 5AM busting fee a pee because I struggle to get back to sleep after. I lie in bed and it’s cold and the doona is once again too short to cover … Continue reading

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”if you are ever in the area, call me and I’ll look after you”

I just got on the sleeper train on my way to Guilin. I just met a French girl at the train station who’s also heading to Guilin. My carriage is pretty empty actually, my ‘room’ has 6 beds and there’s … Continue reading

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”I asked the monk if he could give me his beads as a gift”

Today was a pretty slow day. My uncle picked me up and we headed over to his place to chill out. He showed me photos of his travels to Tibet as well as Chengdu. He also showed me his Xinjiang … Continue reading

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“Happy Mooncake Day”

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival on the lunar calendar¬†which happens to coincide with the full moon. The tradition is to eat moon cakes, grapefruit, start fruit, bananas, yam, peanuts and other random bits and pieces. So Chinese people typically … Continue reading

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“I forgot the ring!”

LOL! I’m at the bus terminal waiting with my auntie and cousin to catch the bus to SanSui for the wedding. So we got a ticket for 10:10AM and my auntie is a tiny little lady but boy is she … Continue reading

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